Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility is to make the wish of meeting environmental and social needs of our society a natural part of the company's activities and relationships with stakeholders and providing sustainable contributions. 
The projects that our companies and shareholders in the group carried out in the much-needed investment fields such as education and health are given below.

♦ Darıca M. Gökşen Yücel High School
♦ Gebze Kroman Primary School
♦ Kayseri Ağırnas Primary School  
♦ Yücel Boru Science High School
♦ Yücel Boru Science High School Dormitory
♦ Kayseri Ağırnas Community Health Center
♦ Kayseri Ağırnas Concrete Paving Factory
♦ Senior Center in Karabük
♦ Gata (Haydarpaşa) Hematology Service
♦ Gata (Ankara) Burn Center Endowment
♦ Darıca Farabi Hospital Operating Room
♦ Burn Center for Darıca Farabi Hospital